We have lived in our century home in Geauga county on 45 beautiful acres which is also not to far from Cleveland for 18 years now. Our horses and our dogs are very happy here. They have fenced in yards both front and back. They love to watch the guinea hens, peacocks and a few chickens that are pets walk around the fence.
 We have shown our AKC dogs and bred them on a limited basis for many years. We are very proud of our dogs and hope every family that gets a puppy from us will enjoy them as much as we do. We started showing AKC Cocker Spaniels and Standard Poodles almost 30 years ago. We have had many Champions, some that are also international Champions, I have added some photos of our wonderful show dogs and pets on the about us page and also a Standard Poodle page. We have had many therapy and agility dogs with titles along with just great pets that are a part of each family. We had an article written about some of our therapy dogs and how we bred them and picked them for therapy work in the July AKC magazine. We have had the top therapy dog in the country with 1000+ visits. They have made so many people in nursing homes and hospitals happy.
 All those years of grooming long show coats, grooming very large show horses and cleaning very large stalls everyday led to carpel tunnel surgeries and also to our love and enjoyment of our French Bulldogs. They are my daily laughter and joy, they are very spoiled but worth it. I feel guilty going to the grocery store for more than an hour! They have done a great job of becoming the biggest part of our lives for the last few years.
They are all very healthy and come from great pedigrees with many European Champions in their pedigrees and some excellent American lines as well. These are French Bulldogs not American bulldogs, they are from Europe originally which means there are some excellent Frenchies all over Europe.
We did enjoy showing our dogs for many years and will hopefully be showing one of our puppies we have kept this year but showing is not for every dog and does not make them a better dog, health and temperment do. I do not like to leave my dogs so I have held out on a couple show prospects. All our dogs, the spayed and neutered dogs and our younger breeding or show potential dogs all live together in our house. They share marrow bones, toys, our couch and 5 in our bed, good thing it's a king size! Our 12 year old Champion poodle who was spayed right after finishing at the shows is not sure there should be more than 1 dog there :) All our dogs get along thankfully, they are our pets 1st, show or breeding is a distant 2nd. Feel free to call with questions at 440 548 5484 or email us at ebwood@windstream.net